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Mother's Slay: SV v Tri-City Plan B & AJRD v Stratford Jrs

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Veteran skaters of The Striking Vikings and The Bombshell Battalion have spent the off season planning their attack and grooming Fresh Meat Graduates to add to the RDD arsenal!

With so much talent to choose from, well.... you would be wise to expect the unexpected... 

So LOOK OUT derby world, we're coming for you...

Amygdala hyjackher #77













Ali Bam Her Slam Her  #118

So what brings me to roller derby you wonder? Well you are certainly not alone in that thought! (right mom? LOL!) I can't quite say that I have always had a burning desire to put on fishnets and lace up some roller skates but yet somehow here I am.
It all started after I read an article in our local newspaper (by Cracklin' Rosie actually) and I just couldn't get the idea of roller derby out of my head.  I went out to the info session and there I met Tink Pink..."hey you look normal, want to be my friend?" she says to me.
I have made a lot of new friends that are now my derby family and I am getting an awesome workout and having such a great time. These women are all very passionate and believe in the (derby) sisterhood.                             

A special thanks to my biggest fans, my husband and our two girls.  Maybe future Jr. Derby girls???  My name is Alison and I'm proud to say I'M A DERBY CHICK!

Bloody Lovett # 101

My name is Bloody Lovett #101 and I am a transplant from Comox B.C. I put on my first pair of Roller skates in the 70’s. My feet were always numb from those old metal wheels until my parents got me a beautiful pair of Brown Suede Boot skates from a trip they took to California. Even though I had outgrown those skates many years ago I held on to them until 2001. I finally parted with those skates thinking I would never skate again.

In early 2010, I saw the movie "Whip It" I couldn’t believe that Roller Derby was making a comeback. I really wanted to try it but had no idea where to start. It seems I wasn’t the only one because in June I saw an ad in the local paper about a team forming in the Comox Valley. I immediately signed up and became a Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirl. It was a year long journey learning the skills to play Roller Derby and getting a fledgling team off the ground. My time with the Rink Minx ended July 2010 after a banner year that saw the first ever Vancouver Island Rookie Roller Derby Tournament.

Due to work, I moved my family across the country to Borden ON, sad to leave my team behind and not knowing what the future held.

One night during Christmas Vacation I took my family Roller Skating at a rink in the Orillia area there I met some wonderful women who told me about their Derby league and asked me to come visit them. That, as they say, was that. I am now proud to be a Renegade Derby Dame.

CR8'N KAOS # 527

Off the track, my name is Andrea, but once my wheels start rolling I'm CR8N' KAOS #527. I have to be honest. My first love is my GS500F mototcycle. Yet, Derby is definately giving my sweet ride a run for her money. Roller Derby gives me that same Heart-throbbing, spine-tingling feeling I get when I ride. I had never heard of Roller Derby before but luckily, MAD MEGZ invited me to a bout that her and her girls kicked some serious ass in! Although I was lost and totally confused about the way to play the game, I LOVED the fact that it was a full contact sport. So I signed up for "Fresh Meat", and low and behold here I am rolling with some pretty bitches!


Daemon Star # 88

My love of roller derby began as a child watching the crazy antics of the WWF style "game" of the 70s. It was then, as I rolled around my basement that I thought, now that looks like some fun! Now these many years later my fantasies have all come true. Real roller derby is SO much better then I could have imagined, I get to hit hard AND wear fishnets. I have met an amazing group of women who support and motivate each other and I am growing stronger everyday. Don't get in my way.


Ethyl A. Mean # S4N4

Not long ago I was desperately drifting through life. I had lost my mother to ALS, was quite overweight as a result of personal neglect, and was generally frustrated with my life. I had a big wake-up call last year, started to lose weight (yay!), and began doing things that made me happy. By shear luck I somehow found roller derby and the Renegade family. This sport and my amazing teammates, as cliche as it sounds, have saved my soul! Now, by day I am a dedicated science teacher and mom, but by night I am Ethyl A. Mean, the science geek derby girl! My frustrations are taken out on the track and I have found the spark I thought I'd lost in my teens. BOOM! Feel that? That's S4N4 blowing up the track. Better watch it...I'm on fire!




Felony Good # 9

In the real world they call me Celena but on the flat track I'm Felony Good, #9. Named by my favourite Canadian Musician, Matthew Good, and rocking his favourite number on my back, Roller Derby has saved my soul from the Devil... who's on "Roller Skates. Down at the Roller Rink. Pickin' up chicks..."


Fender Bender #1962

My Name is Dolores and so what can I say – Roller Derby huh, what? At my age?  What started out as a venture into recreational roller skating has turned into something that’s almost a “way of life”.  I guess Derby to me is another way to stay active, have a great time and kick ass all at the same time. The feeling of family is great and now I have so many wonderful derby sisters!  By day I am a driving instructor and the  funny thing is I am finding more and more ladies getting involved in derby that I have taught to drive.  
So c'mon out and see Fender Bender and the rest of the Renegade Derby Dames!

Flyin' O'Brien # 747

What can I say about Derby other than I just Love, Love, Love it.
I was reading the paper one day and saw an ad about a Freshmeat meeting. As crazy as it sounded, I thought I would go check it out. I walked into the meeting nervous as hell; I took a deep breath and walked over to the other girls. I have been hooked ever since. All I want to do now is put on my skates and go!
My parents named me Locky, but now, I’m Flyin’ O’Brien. It suits me way better because I would rather be on my skates than anything else, and when I’m on them, I feel like I’m flying!!!
I have bowled, played baseball and I even golf, but nothing makes me feel the way Derby does. It’s a love I never knew existed. What makes it even better is the support I get from my Husband, kids, family and friends. They all think it’s crazy, but that’s me...crazy Flyin’ O’Brien, # 747!!!!



Go-Dive-A # CHL8
At 40, I went for my annual physical and my doctor told me that I needed to start exercising so that my bones wouldn’t start to deteriorate. She also said that driving my kids to hockey wouldn’t cut it! I was athletic as a kid but when I had my own kids, I put my love for sports on the shelf to support them. I tried baseball and ball hockey, but never really got that intense workout I was looking for.
Then one day, I walked past a booth at Kempenfest in downtown Barrie and realized I had found it! That sport I was looking for! I pointed at the booth and my family’s jaws collectively dropped. “Roller Derby? Really mom?” my daughter said. “You’re too old for that”, my son added, and my husband just shook his head. That was all I needed and the next month I signed up for “Fresh Meat”.
This is the best thing I have ever done...the workout I was looking for, plus the camaraderie of a team and I wear my bruises with pride! Now I can feed my chocolate addiction without guilt and I can’t wait to see my doctor’s reaction at my next physical. Somehow I don’t think she was suggesting a full contact sport to protect my bones. Go big or go home!   Go-Dive-A CHL8

Grim Gables # 34

Off the track, Grim spends her time promoting free access to literature, technology, and information.  But don't let this sweet librarian face fool you.  On the track, Grim will turn your life into a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.  No need for shushing here; she will silence you with a quick hip-check.  And if you mess with any of her "kindred spirits," she'll break a slate over your head.

Grizzly-Locks # 182
Jam'n Taz # 1969

My name is Jenn, on the track I'm Jam'ntaz 1969. I used to roller skate every friday night as a teen ager then hadn't been on skates in forever. I had the opportunity to go see a derby bout and I instantly fell in love with the sport. I was drawn to it, it was calling my name. I signed up for the first available fresh meat, got my gear and away I went!! I'm still new to this sport, and am constantly learning. I found myself in a group of fabulous ladies (and a few terrific gentlemen refs) who have been supportive in my development as a roller derby girl.


Katie K.O. # 39

My name is Katie K.O. because I'm the Knock-Out who's going to Knock you Out right before I get Kicked Out of the arena.
I also know what it is like to get Knocked-Out by a Knock-Out, to be Kicked-Out by a Knock-Off, and Kneeled On in a Kick-Off.
My picture is in the dictionary next to 'Knock-Out' and a picture of some broken faces.
Knock, Knock. Who's There?
Katie K.O.



Keri Daway # 42
As a rink rat in the early 80s, I probably spent more time on wheels than in shoes, practicing artistic, speed, and even dance skating, but I mostly gave it up after high school.  Years later, when I found out about the rebirth of roller derby (Thanks, Drew Barrymore!), I couldn’t resist strapping on a pair of quads again.  Discovering roller derby has been like finding a whole new world for me.  Since I started, I’ve been honoured to share the track with some of the most strong, supportive, and amazing women I’ve ever known, and I’m so grateful to them for teaching me not only how to play this incredible sport, but also so much about what I had inside.  The determination, self-confidence, and even athleticism I found within myself has been both a blessing and a surprise.  The truth is, I just can’t get enough roller derby… I guess you could say I get a bit Keri Daway! =)

KimBUSTion # 150

I now have two passions in my life Ringette and ROLLER DERBY! I have loved being a Ringette player and coach but since signing up for Fresh Meat I have become an avid Roller Derby Girl as well!

My derby name is kimBUSTion and my # is 150. My # represents how tall I am in centimeters off skates but don’t let my short stature fool you because the heat from my 8 wheels causes spontaneous kimBUSTion!

People think that I am crazy to be part of this wild, fierce and exhilarating sport. Sometimes I wonder if they are right but then I think of all the amazingly strong, athletic and supportive friends I have met through roller derby. Since joining I have grown stronger both physically and mentally. Each practice, game, and scrimmage brings a new challenge and usually a new bruise or two! I love that I get to bond with my sister Pip Tatters over “derby war stories”.



Megan, P.I. # 308GTS

Randy Roll Lin said, " you should join roller derby". I said, " no, I can't . I might get hurt".
Randy Roll Lin asked, " when are you going to join roller derby?" I said, " I can't I am too busy."
Randy Roll Lin gave me her old pair of skates and said, " no more excuses!"
I signed up.
Joining the RDD league has been one of the most amazing , life altering choices I have ever made .



Laya Down #720



The Mighty Q # Q107
Monster Muffin # 333


Pink Slamminade #100
My name is Alanna Clancy but on the track I'm Pink Slamminade #100. I fell in love with derby at first sight and abandoned my rollerblades for some quad skates and have loved every (bumpy/clumsy/exhilarating) minute since. Outside of derby I love cooking, photography, and (duh?) the colour pink. And I will kick your ass.






Stringer # 222


Tink Pink # 13

My name is Tink Pink and my number is 13.  I read an article in my local paper written by Janis Ramsey (now Cracklin' Rosie) about how Keri Daway got back into roller skating, but this time derby, not artistic skating.  I couldn't get the article out of my mind, so I went out for the boot camp.   Now I'm on the same team as both of them.

Bombshell Battalion "Wanted" Head Shots by Antony Lawrence.  Check our his photos on Flickr.