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Cass'N Crunch #14

What's the story behind your derby name?
I got the name Cass'N Crunch off a cereal box.

What's the story behind your derby number?
Lucky number 14, the day I was born.

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames?
Fall 2013

What skating experience did you have before joining RDD?
I didn't have much experience skating before joining RDD; I couldn't even stand on quads when I first got them! I had done ice skating, hockey, and roller skating recreationally, but quads are very different. These movements helped me to learn to skate, but there was an adjustment period.

Why did you join?
I had finished 7 years of university and moved back home. After so much homework, I had stopped playing lacrosse and was missing the fun of being on a team. I decided that with my status change to non-student, I needed to do something that scared me, was super fun, and where I could meet new people. I had seen a friend of mine play derby a few years back, and knew that Pink Slamminade played in a great local I signed up for RDD Fresh Meat on a whim. Derby definitely still scares me, but it's what motivates me to improve.

What's the best thing about being a derby girl?
The derby love! Even if you are a new skater, there is so much positive encouragement that it is hard not to love the sport. The derby community is so inclusive, supportive, and fun, even when you are hitting each other :)

What do you do in your non-derby life?
In my non-derby life, I wrangle children in classrooms around Ontario. I teach everything from kindergarten to grade 12, and every subject from Math to Social Studies to Music, while also helping them learn to be a better person. It's a lot of fun and I look forward to calling a class my own someday. I also have two pet hedgehogs, named Vlad the Impaler and Thistle, who are sometimes grumpy and always cute.

What is your most memorable derby moment?
At my first Bombshell home game (June 14, 2014), I started off as a blocker against the Highland Dames. I was really enjoying it, especially since I completed my goal to hit another player skating non-derby direction in the 3rd jam. Then, my teammates started to get tired. On a whim, my coach/captain decided to play me as a jammer. I put on the star panty, got on the track, and looked beside was their team's top jammer up against me! I decided to turn off my brain, except for the thought "get through." The whistle blew and we took off. I didn't get lead, but I did score points, including one on their jammer! Afterwards, my heart was racing and my smile was enormous.

What is your derby goal/dream?
To keep on enjoying myself! I set a small goal each game and focus on the fun I'm having--my smile says it all.

Who is your favourite skater/derby idol?
Every single player out there. Just putting skates on makes you one of my heroes!