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Monster Muffin #333

What's the story behind your derby name?
What?! You don't know where "Monster Muffin" came from?! Oh dear, you need more help than I thought ;)

What's the story behind your derby number?
I like the number 3 and 333 has 3 of them. Wish I had a more elaborate answer for you but it it really is that simple.

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames?
Summer 2012

Had you ever played roller derby before joining RDD?
Nope! I was a newbie and had no idea how to even put my gear on or skate for that matter. Had to walk my skates out the first day, I was so nervous! Almost had to change my name to "Floori" I fell so much.

What (if any) skating experience did you have before joining RDD?
Oh man, like a bazillion years ago I did figure and precision skating.

Why did you join?
Figured if I was going to make clothes for the derby world I'd better see first hand what it was all about. And then I fell in love, like really, really in love.

What's the best thing about being a derby girl?
That sense of feeling like a bad ass athlete...not many other sports can say that. Seems like most sports try to tell you how to act and how to dress and roller derby just welcomes you. Whether you want to dress like a yoga girl or a two year old at the circus you can roll in whatever you like and just feel free.

What do you do in your non-derby life?
"Non derby life?" I'm sorry can you rephrase the question, I don't understand? ;)

What is your most memorable derby moment?
Being selected to skate with Team Canada in a fun scrimmage game in Montreal in front of real fans! Words cannot explain.....Keri D'Away, you know! I would be suprised if her answer wasn't the same as mine.

What is your derby goal/dream?
To no matter what ALWAYS have fun. Whether at a scrimmage or game or practise to just always have fun. Whats the point to anything if it's not fun?! Oh and to make Team Ontario *puts down chips and looks around* better start the running thing, eh?

Who is your favourite skater/derby idol?
Gasp! How to choose?! I'll name off my top three at the moment as we already know I love the number 3: MadMegz (stole my derby heart from day one), Fracture (it's a love/hate thing. Love how she skates, hates how she blocks me when I'm jamming :P ) and Crazy Squirrel (a new secret crush....shhhhh I don't wanna give her a big head)