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Ethyl A. Mean #S4N4

What's the story behind your derby name?
Ethyl A. Mean. It is a play on the chemical name ethylamine. I wanted something geeky that relates to what I do, which is teach science. Not too many people get my derby name but I know I have something in common with those who do :)

What's the story behind your derby number?
It's a chemical symbol. S4N4 is an explosive compound. Seeing a trend yet?

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames?
Fall 2012

Had you ever played roller derby before joining RDD?
Nope. Nadda

What (if any) skating experience did you have before joining RDD?
I grew up playing rep ringette and before that figure skating (which I wasn't much good at). I also used to avidly roller blade. Learning to skate on quads was very different. The balancing is a different feeling, and stopping too. I fell a lot the first few weeks of fresh meat.

Why did you join?
Long story short, I was at a point where I needed to jump-start my life. I was looking for exercise, but also wanted something fun that did not really feel like exercise. Derby looked like it might be both, and a little bit of an adrenaline rush too. Also wanted to get out of the house and meet some new people!

What's the best thing about being a derby girl?
Getting to hit people. Legally.

What do you do in your non-derby life?
Science/math teacher, crafter, quilter, organic gardener and mom.

What is your derby goal/dream?
Dream: Meeting and watching Wild Cherri play derby would be AMAZING!
Goal: Being content with myself and my own abilities! I need to learn to live in the moment and remember that the skills I want will come with practice. We all progress at our own pace and level of readiness.

Who is your favourite skater/derby idol?
Hands down, Wild Cherri. Boom!