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Fender Bender/O.C. Dee #1962

What's the story behind your derby name?
Off the track, I'm a driving instructor, but on the track I'm a skater. It's amazing how many of my job skills are useful in derby, thus the name Fender Bender! And when I'm Reffing under the name O.C. Dee, my strong "attention to detail" (ahem) sure comes in handy too.

What's the story behind your derby number?

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames?
Spring 2013.

Had you ever played roller derby before joining RDD?

What (if any) skating experience did you have before joining RDD?
None, had not been on skates for 39 years.

Why did you join?
Doctor said stop sitting on your butt all day, and I needed to learn how to skate.

What do you do in your non-derby life?
Driving Instructor.

What is your derby goal/dream?
Skating backwards.