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Ms. Bea Hayven #830

What's the story behind your derby name?
I loved the names that play on names. And derby is my time to misbehave by being Ms. Bea Hayven!

What's the story behind your derby number?
Combined it is both my daughters' birth dates.

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames?
Fall 2013.

Had you ever played roller derby before joining RDD?

What (if any) skating experience did you have before joining RDD?
Minimal quad experiance. I'm talking like 20 years ago. And basic ice skating abilities.

Why did you join?
For an opportunity to get out of the house and become part of a great group of supportive people! And hopes of losing some post baby weight!

What's the best thing about being a derby girl?
The derby love that is shown by our great derby community!

What do you do in your non-derby life?
I am a mother, a wife, and I am in collections.

What is your most memorable derby moment?
My most memorable thing that happened is in my first scrimmage. I thought that I would never be a jammer. I gave it a try and did way better then I thought I ever would!

What is your derby goal/dream?
To always love derby as much as I do now, and to bring as many people as I can over to the roller derby side!