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Fresh Meat

We are pleased to announce that our next Fresh Meat Training Program starts March 2, 2014 for skaters 18 years of age and up. 
The Program costs $120 plus $30 for Skater Insurance through the Canadian Roller Derby Insurance (CRDI).  For skaters who have participated in Fresh Meat Training previously (ours or elsewhere), please talk to us about a discount on your training fees.

Freshie Scrimmage Open House!

RDD is hosting a Freshie Scrimmage with recent Fresh Meat graduates from several local leagues on Sunday, February 9th, 4-6pm and we hope you'll come cheer on our skaters, meet some folks from our league, and see what RDD is all about.

When does the training program take place?

Training takes place from 4:00-6:00pm on Sundays (except Easter Sunday): March 2 - June 1 , 2014.

Where does the training program take place?

Allison Memorial Arena at 49 Nelson Street West (between Church & Paris) in downtown Alliston.

How do I sign up?

The easy way to sign up is to come to our Open House!  It will take place on Sunday, February 9th, from 4-6pm.  Not only is it a chance to see what our last group of Freshies learned in a mixed scrimmage with Freshies from other leagues, but it's also a chance to try on or buy skates and safety gear from Twelve Thirty Four Skate Company, and to sign up for Fresh Meat and get your skater insurance.

You can also just show up early for the first session, and come out on March 2nd between 3pm - 3:30.  Please keep in mind that you will need to already have all your gear in order to participate!  You will also have to sign an insurance waiver if insurance is not purchased in advance.

What do I need to bring?

Skaters will be required to have all necessary equipment by the first session:
  • a helmet,
  • mouth guard,
  • wrist guards,
  • elbow pads,
  • knee pads, and
  • a pair of quad, preferably “speed style”, roller skates. 
Costs range from $150 to over $500 for gear and, like everything else, you generally get what you pay for.

Where can I get the skates and safety gear?

We recommend Twelve Thirty Four Skate Company (Peterborough), Neon Skates (Montreal), Electric Skate Company (Kitchener), RollerGirl (Vancouver), and RollerSkatin'.ca (Woodstock).

What if I don’t know how to skate?

Just because you can’t skate yet, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to play roller derby!  Our training program is designed for skaters of all levels, and we start out on week one covering the absolute basics, from gliding forward, to stopping, to falling safely, and after just a few weeks, you may be surprised at how well you’re doing.  (Please note, we encourage beginning skaters to attend as many sessions as possible.You can also practice on your own to work on your basic skills if you want to improve even faster.

What if I want more practice time?

There are three roller rinks nearby that offer open skating on various days and times: The Skating Place at ODAS Park in Orillia, Scooters in Mississauga, and Coachlite Gardens in Oshawa.  You are also welcome to skate on the sidelines during regular league practices.

What happens after the training?
At the end of the sessions we will hold Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Minimums Skating Skills and Written Rules Testing.  Passing the tests qualifies you to join the league as a regular member and skate with a team.
Only women skaters are permitted on teams under WFTDA regulations, but both men and women can be referees. 
We hold 2-3 practices a week in Alliston, with frequent scrimmages and bouts, both home and away. 
Regular league dues are $50 per month, and Regular Skater Insurance coverage costs $50 for the calendar year (or $20 to upgrade from apprentice (FM) insurance).

For more information, email us at: freshmeat@renegadederbydames.com


Referees are volunteer skaters who work together to implement the rules fairly and consistently, creating a safe roller derby environment for scrimmages and bouts.  Their monthly dues are waived, and they are instead granted league membership by their continuing participation.  They are required to maintain insurance coverage, however.  Referees in training are not required to go through Fresh Meat program, but are welcome to do so for free in order to improve their skating skills and knowledge of the rules. Please note, Referees participate only in the lessons that apply to their required skills (no blocking/hitting), and do not take the WFTDA Skater Minimums test, but will learn skills useful to WFTDA Referee testing.  Referees in Training may also attend any regular League Practices to work on skating and referee skills.

For more information, email us at: refs@renegadederbydames.com

Transfer Skaters

Skaters who have passed their WFTDA Minimum Skating Skills Requirement at another league are welcome to transfer to RDD as regular members, but they may be required to pass a short safety test and/or our written WFTDA rules test.

Skaters who have some skating experience with another league, but have not yet passed their WFTDA Minimum Skating Skills Requirement are welcome to transfer into RDD's Fresh Meat program.  Discounted rates may be applicable; please contact us for more information.

Regular members will be expected to pay standard monthly dues ($50), as well as maintain insurance coverage, which can be purchased from CRDI through RDD for $50 per year.  Fresh Meat participants will be expected to pay the program fees, and maintain at least valid apprentice insurance coverage during their training.

For more information, email us at: skaters@renegadederbydames.com

Visiting Skaters

Skaters from other leagues who have passed their WFTDA Minimum Skating Skills Requirement and who hold valid Skater Insurance are welcome to join our Derby 101 (Sundays), Endurance Training Practices (Sundays), League (Thursdays) or Intermediate Practices (Thursdays), for a small fee per session ($5).  Please check our Events Calendar for practice dates and times.

Guests at Advanced Practices are welcome at the discretion of the team captains.  Please email the captains for more info on attending Advanced Practices.

For more information, email us at: skaters@renegadederbydames.com

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