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Membership Application

Are you ready to join the Renegade Derby Dames?  Sign up here:

If you are signing up for our Fresh Meat Training Program for new skaters and derby players, you may fill out the membership form online or in person.  You can submit your first month's dues ($50) by cash or cheque at your first practice, or you can send it via e Transfer to  Please include your full name so that we can match it up to your membership form.

If you are transferring from another league, you can pay your dues via cash or cheque at any practice, or pay via e Transfer to  Please include your full name so that we can match it up to your membership form.  Dues are $50 per month.

Referees are considered volunteers and do not pay dues.

Roller Derby Insurance Coverage

Anyone on who will be skates, including all Skaters and Referees, are required to have valid Roller Derby Insurance.  Renegade Derby Dames uses Canadian Roller Derby Information Services (CRDi) for our coverage.  They provide skating insurance for $50 for the year (Jan-Dec), or $30 (prorated) from July to December.  Fresh Meat Skaters starting between Jan and June can buy 3 months of Apprentice insurance coverage for $30.  After the 3 months, apprentice skaters can pay $20 to continue with regular skater coverage for the remainder of the year.

To sign up for insurance through CRDi, please visit their website and follow the instructions for East Skaters, summarized here:

Step 1: Fill out Form C and submit it to your league.  A copy of this form can be found in your RDD Membership Package.  This form can be turned in at your first practice and is just for our files.  It does not give you coverage or prevent you from having coverage.


Step 2: Fill out the East Green Form online.  List Renegade Derby Dames as your league. This enables you to be listed in our league database, which is required before you skate.


Step 3: Payment to CRDi via email transfers, PayPal, or a money order.

**Please Note** CRDi does not accept personal cheques from skaters. Please DO NOT send CASH.