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Fresh Meat Training begins Feb 22!

posted Jan 31, 2015, 6:33 PM by Darlington Stripe
Train with us for 12 Sundays in Alliston, ON, for only $120. Even if you’ve never tried on skates before, you will learn how to skate, stop properly and safely fall. You’ll learn fancy footwork like gliding and weaving on one foot, and changing from a forward direction to a backward direction. You’ll find out how to hit and take a hit, and push/pull someone around the track. You’ll learn to work with your teammates and skate in a pack. Basically, you’ll learn all the skills you need to pass the WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements so that you are qualified to start playing roller derby. Most importantly, you’ll learn how capable you are of kicking ass, and having fun while doing it! For more info, including what gear you'll need and where to get it, how to sign up and get answers to all your questions, please visit the event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you on the track!