RDD would like to extend our sincerest and warmest thanks to all of our 2023 sponsors and look forward to continuing our partnership with these excellent companies which support us!  We urge all of our fans to support those who support us and tell them that RDD sent you!

Become a Sponsor

As a not for profit, women's sporting organization, continuously funding our operations is a challenge.  Nearly all of our income goes to cover our practice space, with only a small amount left over for operating expenses, including guest trainers and bout production. 

The Renegade Derby Dames are seeking partners to assist in the growth and development of our team through sponsorship, advertising, in-kind donations, or participating in events.   We are always looking for creative ways to help local charities and partner with local businesses.  Our newest season offers local businesses a unique opportunity for sponsorship, and a chance to get involved with the rapidly growing sport of roller derby! 

For more information, email us at: sponsor @renegadederbydames .com

Sunrise Potato Storage Ltd.

Founded in 1991 in Alliston, Sunrise Potato Storage Ltd. specializes in growing and storing the latest newly developed chipping potato varieties. Their focus is on sustainability, chip quality, scab and late blight resistance. To learn more, visit https://www.sunrisepotato.com/


Our studio is founded on the belief that yoga should be accessible to everyone—no matter their age, experience level or income.  We offer a wide variety of classes suitable for all levels, and we encourage our students to try new things. We are enthusiastic yogis and believe that yoga offers so many benefits that allow us all to live well and feel our best.  And when we feel our best, we project this to the people around us, making our world a better place. Our studio space is cozy and welcoming. Under the mindful guidance of Taylor Coupland and Shelley Wishart, GoYoga humbly supports a handful of seasoned yoga teachers, who offer a range of perspectives and types of yoga, and who are available to guide you in your practice.  We hope you will join us!

Alliston Potato Festival

The Alliston Potato Festival is a volunteer organization that holds a festival in advance of the fall potato harvest to celebrate the community’s Agricultural Roots. The focus is on showcasing the community, supporting the community’s needs, and the amazing organizations that help make Alliston such a great place to live. This year’s festival will take place August 11-13th. Be sure to come to potato fest and say hello to your favourite roller derby players.  

To learn more about the Alliston Potato Festival, visit https://allistonpotatofest.com/

The Sun Emporium

Since 2017, The Sun Emporium has been helping Barrie look fabulous year-round with luxurious, state-of-the-art sun tanning beds, UV-free spray tanning booths and infrared heat wellness spa services. They provide a warm, inviting and comfortable environment with clean facilities and friendly staff. The Sun Emporium has also recently opened a new location in Vaughan. Check them out at: https://thesunemporium.ca/

Caledon Hills Brewing Co.

Family Owned and Family Brewed. Lots of folks are compelled to visit Caledon Hills. But we were compelled to make it our home. Well, we along with a mated pair of pileated woodpeckers that keep us company year round. Honestly, knowing we'd be neighbours with another family is part of what made the bit of land we chose for our brewery feel so special. That feeling is very important to us. Because beer can only be as good as the place you brew it. Which is why it’s no surprise that every batch that comes out of Caledon Hills Brewing Company is pretty damn spectacular. 

Creemore Springs Brewery 

If you like craft beer, you should know that Creemore Springs was founded in 1987, back before craft breweries became the “norm.” Creemore Springs beer is made from natural spring water, sourced locally in Creemore.  This year, you'll have the opportunity to try Creemore Springs at our home games, where we'll serve their beverages. Visit https://www.creemoresprings.com/en-CA to learn more about the brewery.   

Duntroon Cyber House

Duntroon Cyder House begins with its attachment to nature and sustainability. Every aspect of Duntroon Cyder is curated to feel worthy of cyder’s European traditions – from sustainable farming that yields quality apples, to farm pressing and choice packaging. Want to try Duntroon? Duntroon Cyder will be available for purchase at our home games this season.  Visit https://duntrooncyderhouse.com/ to learn more. 

Pinnacle Disaster Services 

At Pinnacle Disaster Services Inc. they are dedicated to providing quick and effective emergency response and repair service to Homes and Condos in the GTA. 

Taqueria El Norte 

We are a family run restaurant located in the heart of Alliston, ON. Being raised in California, surrounded by delicious Mexican food at a young age, kept me dreaming of opening a Taqueria of my own one day. After working years in restaurants as a Line Cook and moving my way up to Chef, I met my wife, Nicole working downtown Toronto at The Auld Spot. Our passion for food is what brought us together and takes us on awesome foodie adventures. When we saw the “For Lease” sign appear on this cute little spot on Paris St, I knew it was the time to start up our own place. Together with my dad, Bill Clements, we are a small but mighty team, hoping to serve you up some delicious Mexican Street Style Cuisine! 

Rogers TV

You can find coverage of Alliston's favourite Roller Derby League on Rogers TV!