Despicable V #0

Name: Despicable V

Number: 0

Age: 37

Hometown: St. Lawrence, NL

Story behind your derby name/derby number? I LOVE minions!!! I’ve been a minion for Halloween and had minion birthday cakes and I’m basically a minion-a-holic…if I could have a minion I would totally own way too many, I love them…ah, banana!!!!! and my number is just the minion eye, which essentially looks like a zero

When did you join roller derby/the Renegade Derby Dames? Why? I just celebrated my first anniversary in February!!!! I joined RDD because I’d been watching roller derby for a few years and never really had the guts to join….one of my clients came in with a SSRR derby hoodie and I was so excited to see it so I asked her about it and she told me to just try it and see…I looked online for the closest league with the earliest fresh meat program and RDD popped up…I’m soooo happy I found RDD, they have been so supportive in every way, I probably would have given up if not for the support for all of the ladies I’ve met, they RAWK!!!

What is the best thing about roller derby? The best thing about roller derby is the support you get from literally everybody involved!!!! If ever you’re in doubt, u just need to talk to anyone you’re next to and they will give you advice or the name of the person best equipped to answer your questions….you start fresh meat without any type of skating experience and within months you’re ready to play your first game, all because you have so many people who teach and continue to give you tips and advice to help you improve….it really is a team sport and from the time you start fresh meat you really feel part of the team….even the Vikings, who are the A team make you feel like you’re just steps away from being one of them, it’s amazing how open and accepting people are, from players to captains to referees to coaches!!! Everyone pushes you to be the best you can be and you continue to improve and become more confident, it’s an amazing environment!!

Why do you keep playing? I keep playing because a) I love skating and learning, and b) most people strive to put their best effort forward, so I feel I need to do the same.

What is your derby goal/dream? My goal is to conquer transitions at a fast derby pace……curse you hockey stops!!! on a serious note, I want to be a Viking level player, oh to dream!!! someday

What is your favourite derby moment? Any “aha” moment is my favourite so it frequently changes…most recently I had an “aha” moment when learning to perfect my crossovers…..I finally figured out how to flick my foot at the end!!! I may not do it regularly, but I’m working on it…..oh, and the other favourite moment was coming in 3rd in the Fresh and the Furious Tournament!!! Oh, and my other one was hearing my name called at my very first real derby bout!!! Oh, and my derby wife, Jenna Tail-ya.

There are lots……hahahahaha