IllumiNaughty #8118

Name: IllumiNaughty

Number: 8118

Age: 38

Hometown: Perth Ontario

What’s the story behind your derby name/derby number? I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorist..all is not as it seems. My # represents my family as well as being palindrome..could be considered an ambigram.

When did you join Roller Derby/Renegade Derby Dames? i joined RDD in the fall of 2013. I went to a bout with some friends a few years before and I knew the minute the first jam was done..I HAD TO TRY THIS! But as life does, it sent me down some different paths. Taking me almost 3 years, a pregnancy and my beautiful baby girl before I was finally ready to give derby a try.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? Being able to stand on the track with 9 other amazingly strong and inspiring woman! Every time we line up and hear that “five seconds” I look around me and hope that they all feel the way I see them.

Why do you keep playing? I have never found a sport that no matter your physical attributes you can absolutely 100% rock this. Roller derby has helped me feel strong and given me back my confidence when i needed it most. I push myself everyday to get stronger so i can continue to play as long as i can.

What is your derby goal/dream? To set a positive example for my daughter of strength and self confidence.

Favourite derby moment? There are so many great memories over the last 4 years its hard to pick just one.