LIV and Let Die #15

Name: LIV and Let Die

Number: 15

Age: 20

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario

What’s the story behind your derby name/derby number? 15 was my dads number when he played hockey growing up. I was looking to use a different number than I’ve used for other sports. So, I chose his number. My name is because I’ve always loved classic rock, and the song behind my name.

When did you join Roller Derby/Renegade Derby Dames? I joined in 2018, basically as soon as I was old enough to play. I’ve always loved roller skating, since I was a little kid. And when my parents first took me to a game, I knew I wanted to play. By the time I joined RDD, I had already been playing hockey for about 8 years, so being on skates was a natural fit.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? One of the best things about playing roller derby is that no matter your size or shape, you are an asset. Unlike other sports where certain body types are more valuable, derby is a sport where every person can find their power. The other awesome thing about roller derby is the sense of community. Joining RDD was like joining one big, weird, awesome family. Everyone supports each other and helps each other to grow and become the best skater they can be. It’s an incredibly supportive community to be a part of, as a player, a ref, a volunteer, or a fan, everyone is welcome and valued. It's especially awesome to play on a team with such bad ass female role models!

Why do you keep playing? I’ve kept playing roller derby because after my first practice, I fell in love with the sport.

What is your derby goal/dream? Short term, I want to do an apex jump so badly. Long term, I want to play for team Canada one day, probably in the distant future.

Favourite derby moment? My favourite derby moment was the first time I jammed in a game for the Bombshells. My family was in the audience cheering me on, and so was my amazing team from the track. Nothing matches the rush you get after breaking out of the pack in an awesome jam! It was the most incredible feeling.