Magoo #23

Name: Magoo

Number: 23

Hometown: Newmarket, ON

Is there a story behind your derby name/number? With my short legs I sit so close to steering wheel my sister-in-law always called me Mrs. Magoo. My daughter’s birthday is the 23rd.

When did you start Roller Derby? I started March 2014. I saw a couple of games and knew it looked like fun and that “I could do it”.

What’s your favourite part of roller derby? The friends I have made, the laughs we have. You find your clan in derby.

Why do you stick with derby? I keep playing because of the friends, fun and fitness. I also love the strategy of the game.

What is your derby goal/dream? To keep playing as long as I can

Favourite derby moment? Every practice. We are group of like minded people working towards a common goal' Be the BEST we can be.