Natruto #97

Name: Natruto

Number: 97

Age: 22

Hometown: Barrie but live In Horning's Mill now

What’s the story behind your derby name/derby number? I really like Naruto and how he never gives up so I try to be like him when it comes to derby since there's lots of bruises and falling. In the franchise everyone runs funny too so between those things picking Natruto really was a no brainer!

When did you join Roller Derby/Renegade Derby Dames? I started skating last June as an outlet and joined SSRR for fresh meat in September then transferred to RDD this January when my partner and I moved near Shelburne.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? feeling free and going fast

Why do you keep playing? It's awesome.

What is your derby goal/dream? be able to do 40/5 and not die

Favourite derby moment? not dying in first practice jam *turns to thank teammates for being kind*