PumperKnuckel #17

Name: PumperKnuckel

Number: 17

Age: 40ish

Hometown: Richmond Hill, currently live in Keswick

What’s the story behind your derby name and number? My dad used to call me his little pumpernickel. 17 was my first house

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames? Joined derby April 2019 on a grassroots team in Georgina and started coming to drop-in practices with RDD because my captain and coach played. Loved all the “things” and joined RDD officially in January 2020.

What’s the best thing about Roller Derby? All the dirty jokes and the sisterhood.

Why do you keep playing? I keep playing to challenge myself. I feel kinda tough after a kickass practice.

What is your derby goal/dream? To be strong and confident and keep getting up.

Favourite derby moment? Winning hand-knit panties, oh yeah! And fitting into fishnets, lol!