Hardmania #1111

Name: Hardmania

Number: 1111

Age: Youngish

Hometown: Hornings Mills

What’s the story behind your derby name? It's simple I played around with my last name a bit and created a word that means hard with an excessive amount of enthusiasm which is how I believe I play the sport.

What’s the story behind your derby number? I really enjoy the infinity symbol and was going to choose the number 8, alone but couldn’t at the time as one of my league mates (my derby wife in fact) had an 8 in her number (with letters) and at that time the letters were not considered part of her number so I couldn’t be just number 8 (as she was considered to already just be 8), so I chose 88.

When did you join Renegade Derby Dames? I joined RDD in February 2019. I started my roller derby adventures in late 2015. After 2 years of watching friends participate in this beautiful sport called roller derby, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it. I played my first game in 2016 and it was glorious!!

Why did you join? In 2015, I lost my job so I was a bit down in the dumps. Fresh meat was just around the corner.. and the time was now or never!! If I would have known derby was such a powerful source of determination, growth, appreciation, and compassion I would have hopped on that bandwagon forever ago. I only hope more people come to empower themselves and grow with others in the derby community in the future.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? Where to start?!?!

I honestly could talk about roller derby for days and how I love this sport so much! I love the way I feel around derby, I love the new people I get to meet and sometimes become great friends with, I love the laughter I can't control while I'm at practice and I love that I know it's okay when I screw up on a drill or ask to redo a play because I didn't understand. I guess the best thing about roller derby would have to be feeling safe in an environment where I can be myself!

Why do you keep playing? The connection I have with the track is unlike any other. The determination I get when hit by an intimidating blocker and they go down! The power that runs through my veins as I break through the pack and hear those 2 whistles screaming at me that I am the lead jammer!

What is your derby goal/dream? I am constantly pushing myself further, jumping higher, skating faster, falling sillier, and most importantly laughing harder. The memories I have created with derby are filled with crazy laughter, lifelong friendships, big smiles, amazing inside jokes, silly banter, and love ... so much derby love!!” The big dream: Do a big clean apex jump that is also caught on camera!

Favourite derby moment? My favorite derby moment was when an opposing team jammer tried to get me to eat the baby and I didn't! They ended up wasting so much of their time and it beautifully backfired on them. It was hilarious!!!