Keri Daway #42

Name: Keri Daway

Number: 42

Age: 50

Hometown: I currently live in Sutton, but I’ve lived too many places to really have a hometown.

What’s the story behind your derby name/derby number? As any Hitchhiker in the Universe can tell you, 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. To me, that’s roller derby, and I do tend to get Keri Daway with this sport. ;)

When did you join Roller Derby/Renegade Derby Dames? Why? I’m a founding member of RDD. We created this league to be competitive in the derby world as part of the WFTDA, while providing a supportive environment and challenging training for our members.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? Roller derby is a sisterhood, an athletic challenge, a confidence builder, a full-contact sport, a strategy teacher, and the most fun I have ever had. But what’s best is that we do it all on roller skates.

Why do you keep playing? I keep playing because of all of the good things I get out of this sport, from the fitness benefits, to the mental challenge of doing strategy, to the friendships I’ve formed, to the confidence I’ve developed. Roller derby brings me joy, and I don’t want that to stop.

What is your derby goal/dream? My derby pipe-dream is to represent my country as part of Team Canada, but my more realistic goal is to help get my team, the Striking Vikings, ranked into WFTDA Division 2.

Favourite derby moment? Being picked to skate for Team Tush during a New Skids expo game in Montreal.