Sin & Tonic #117

Name: Sin & Tonic

Number: 117

Age: 45

Hometown: St. Thomas (not the Caribbean kind, the southern Ontario kind)

What’s the story behind your derby name/derby number? Derby Name: I drink a lot of Gin… Derby number: I used to race sailboats and I was heartbroken when I sold my sailboat and gave up racing. The sail # was 74117.

When did you join roller derby/Renegade Derby Dames? Why? Started fresh meant September 2014. Joined RDD in March 2015.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? Comrades, fitness, competition.

Why do you keep playing? I’m a sucker for punishment?

What is your derby goal/dream? To be a freaking super star.

Favourite derby moment?

Mid-summer of 2016, I was jamming for the Bombshells. It’s smoking hot in the arena; the beer is running out and the home team has a packed house. There are three Bombshell blockers in the penalty box. We were winning only by a slim margin. Tiny Tank and I were thrown onto the track, me jamming, Tank my only blocker. Our bench coach told us that we were to get lead jam and get a couple blockers out of the box before calling off the jam. It was a nail biter, the spectators for the home team were going crazy thinking this was easy-peasy points for their team. “Five seconds” the jam timer yells. I look at Tank, our eyes meet knowing our strategy is in place. I lock the opposing jammer into my peripheral vision, a bead of sweat dripping from the end of my nose, anointing the cement floor in front of me. Tweet! I madly skate to Tank to help block the opposing jammer. We have her. I look up, see a small opening on the inside apex – whammo, I take off through the opening and I am lead jammer. Tank manages to hold that tall, blonde opposing jammer for a couple more seconds, enough to get 2 of our blockers out of the box before I call off the jam. The look of “wtf is going on” from the opposing team was priceless. The home team crowd subdued while Tank and I smugly and calmly skate back to the bench.