Smokin’ Gunz Barbie #911

Name: Smokin’ Gunz Barbie #911

Hometown: Haileybury, ON. I currently make Springwater, ON my home

What is the story behind your derby name? The Smokin’ Gunz part, has a few meanings. In my career I carried and was trained to fire guns, and also, I like to lift weights. The second part of my name, Barbie, growing up I was a Barbie fanatic, I had so many Barbie’s, my Dad built me my own Barbie play room and a gigantic Barbie play house that fit the whole wall. It was also my nickname prior to Derby.

The two names combined are a bit of a dichotomy, but blended together I see this as a strong, fierce, bold, determined, tough, powerful, yet intelligent, athletic and beautiful woman all at the same time.

Why did you join Derby? I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I joined derby, but I knew I loved to skate. The thrill of speed is in intoxicating for me. I was a figure skater until I was 21 years old, turned pro, and also taught it part time for 20 years, so it seemed natural to just convert my blades for wheels! I joined roller derby in September 2015, but came to RDD a year after. I came to RDD as it was a WFTDA league, and for more competitive play and coaching. Not to mention the awesome badass women who grace this sport as a big RDD team and family. I feel I finally found my home.

What’s the best thing about roller derby? I admire the women who have never skated before, women who don’t let their age interfere, women who are of all shapes and sizes, who are courageous enough to put skates on and put themselves out there! I have seen women who can barely skate holding on to the boards, then by the end of 12 weeks, they are rocking it on the track at super star status!

Favourite Derby Moment: I got a 32-point jam once, but that’s because the jammer was in the box twice. 32 points is 32 points, I’ll take it!