Non-Skating Officials

RDD has two classes of Non-Skating Officials (NSOs): League Member NSOs and Game Day NSOs, and we are always looking for more people to fill these roles.  We value any and all help that anyone would like to lend to our league, and encourage anyone interested in the sport of roller derby to get involved as much or as little as they have time to do.

Game Day NSOs

Game Day NSOs help out at games and events, filling a specific role during the event.  These jobs are filled on a game by game basis, and do not require any long term commitment to the league.  They are a fun way to be involved with roller derby and to support your local league.  Skaters who are not playing in a specific game are encouraged to sign up as well.  It's a great way to better understand the rules and workings of derby.

Non-skating officials work together with Referees to implement the rules fairly and consistently, and to document games and scrimmages while they occur.  These jobs usually require advanced training or certification, but some NSO positions can be taught on game day.  New NSOs are paired with experienced officials whenever possible.   If you would like to officiate at any of our games, please sign up on our Games page.

League Member NSOs

League Member NSOs are actively involved in the league and helping to accomplish the goals of the league year round.   Their monthly dues are waived, and they are instead granted league membership, including voting rights, by their continuing participation. 

Dedicated non-skating officials who are league members participate in our Officials Committee, and work between games to organize and train game day NSOs, help prepare and process game day paperwork, as well as officiate on game days.  They might also have a specific league job, such as Head or Assistant-Head NSO.    Experienced NSOs (with us or elsewhere), or those wish to train to become a dedicated NSO, and wish to join RDD as Officials can apply for league membership using our Online Membership Form.

For more information, email us at: nsos @ renegadederbydames .com