Referees are volunteer skaters who work together to implement the rules fairly and consistently, creating a safe roller derby environment for scrimmages and bouts.  Their monthly dues are waived, and they are instead granted league membership by their continuing participation.  They are required to maintain insurance coverage, which can be purchased from Roller Derby Canada Services (RDC) for $30 per year.  Click for details.

Referees are encouraged to attend practices and are welcome to participate in any non-contact drills, including off-skates, warm ups, footwork drills, cool downs, and stretches.  Additionally, during practices, referees can work on their officiating skills during drills or scrimmage, or can choose to work on skating skills on the sidelines.  They are encouraged to share their rules knowledge with not just other referees, but with everyone in the league.  We happily support any referees who are working towards any level of WFTDA certification in any way that we can, but we also welcome referees who just want to support the league with their skills and knowledge.

"Referees in Training" are not required to go through our Skating 101 program, but are encouraged to do so in order to improve their skating skills and knowledge of the rules.  Please note, referees participate only in the lessons that apply to their required skills (no blocking/hitting), but will learn skills useful to WFTDA referee testing.  Referees in Training may also attend any regular league practices to work on skating and referee skills. The next free Training Session for Referees begins September 7th (skater insurance required).  To register, contact us at refs @ renegadederbydames .com 

Both experienced referees who wish to transfer to RDD as officials, and new referee recruits who wish to learn the skills needed to officiate can apply for league membership using our Online Membership Form.  

We also welcome referees who are not league members but who want to officiate with our crew on game day.  If you would like to officiate at any of our games, please contact us for more information or to make arrangements.

For more information, email us at:  refs @ renegadederbydames .com