Roller Derby Insurance

Roller Derby Insurance Coverage

Anyone who will be on skates, including all Skaters and Referees, is required to have valid Roller Derby Insurance as well as provincial health care coverage (OHIP). 

Renegade Derby Dames uses Roller Derby Canada (RDC) for our roller derby coverage.   RDC provides information and membership that incorporates insurance for all forms of derby – flat track, banked track, women’s, men’s, co-ed and junior derby across Canada. 

They provide accident insurance that covers skaters for accidents while skating at league practices and during games. This insurance is a secondary insurance that pays for injuries over and above your provincial health care. The RDC accident coverage will cover you in Canada as long as you have Canadian healthcare.  It also includes worldwide coverage if your league is playing in a game, attending a bootcamp,  or attending Rollercon. 

The skating insurance coverage is for one year, starting from when you purchase the insurance. 
• Regular skaters pay $55 per year. 
• Dedicated skating officials have a special membership cost of $30 per year. This option is not for officials who also play roller derby.
Roller Derby 101 Skaters can buy Apprenticeship memberships for $30 and are available for new junior or senior skaters who are trying out the sport or taking a new skater program. This membership is for 4 months only and if you are still skating once it has expired, you would then sign up for a regular membership at $55 for one year. *Please note:*  Apprentice skaters are not covered to skate in games.

To sign up for insurance through RDC, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill out their Online Membership Form.  List Renegade Derby Dames as your league.  This enables you to be listed in our league database, which is required before you skate.

Step 2: Make your payment to RDC via email transfer to PAMTERA @RDCSERVICES.ORG.  $55 Yearly Membership, $30 Dedicated Skating Official, or $30 Apprentice Membership (4 months) Please include your real name and the league you belong to in the email transfer "message" box available to you when completing the email transfer. 

Step 2: You will receive confirmation via email within 24- 48 hours, if you do not receive email confirmation, check your junk/spam box and then contact  PAMTERA @RDCSERVICES.ORG.

**Please Note** RDC does not accept personal cheques from skaters. Please DO NOT send CASH.