Recreation Skaters

Recreation skaters are former or current derby players who wish to practice with RDD without joining a team. Skaters who have passed their WFTDA Minimum Skating Skills Requirement at any league are welcome to practice with RDD as recreation skaters, but they may be required to pass a short safety test if it has been some time since they skated.

  • All rec skaters are welcome to practice with our intermediate practices and league scrimmages. Advanced level rec skaters may also practice with our advanced practices with clearance from the charter team's captains and coaches. Rec skaters are not eligible for team or game rosters, but can participate in formal scrimmages.
  • Rec skaters will be expected to pay half the standard monthly dues ($25), as well as maintain insurance coverage, which can be purchased from RDC for $55 per year.
  • RDD does not require its skaters to stop playing for their old league, so rec skaters may continue to play for another league while practicing with RDD, if desired.

Please check our Events Calendar for practice dates and times.

Rec skaters can apply for membership using our Online Membership Form.

For more information, email us at: [email protected]